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Our Professional Team welcomes you and would like to secure a strong long lasting business relationship with mutual interest

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We have contributed our many years of business proficiency into a collective body in 1997, created ZEHO CANADA, operating as an active partnership teamwork, which several years afterward transformed into ZEHO CANADA INC., federally registered Corporation Number 12514435 under Canada Business Corporation Act, with its principal main office in Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our Professional Team welcomes you and would like to secure a strong long lasting business relationship with mutual interest with your company. Zekirija Alievski (The President) & Hossein Nazarian (Director) of ZEHO CANADA INC. welcome you, and wish you a highly satisfaction in receiving our company’s products and services. Our activities are outlined in Logistics services, categorized in 2 segments:
One is that we are the main provider of the commodities and materials for large businesses and manufacturers.
The other segment is that we provide services as a supplier and exchanger.
Nevertheless, in both segments, we will not compromise our quality of services and pricing.

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What We Do

Logistic Management

Plan, Schedule, Organize and Manage your Logistics requirements from North American industries in an efficiently and timely manner,
Logistics requirements –mostly– including:
– Raw Materials,
– Semi Processed Materials,
– Finished and Ready-for-Sale Goods/Commodities,
– Supplies, as well as
– Side Products

Analyze Order – points and provide Supply-Chain-Management.

Representing Your Business in North American Market

Representing your business and your products in North American (American, Canadian and Mexican) Market including:
– Professionally introduce and represent your company to businesses (Sellers and Buyers) for efficient relationships,
– Manage concluding long-term and/or short-term Business Agreements/Contracts and/or Subcontracts to your business beneficial advantages.

Our Team

Zekirija Alievski

The President

Hossein Nazarian

The Executive Director

Mina Fadavi

Finance Manager

Arzije Alievski

Administration Manager

Our Partners

Get In Touch

Zekirija Alievski, President
Tel: +1 647 628 6041
E-Mail: president@zehocanada.ca

Hossein Nazarian, Executive Director
Tel: +1 (647) 966-8525

Mina Fadavi, Finance Manager

Arzije Alievski, Administration Manager
E-Mail: aalievski@zehocanada.ca

General Information:

118 Garden Ave,
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 6M1 Canada

E-Mail: info@zehocanada.ca

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